Saturday, December 13, 2008

Three down, . . .

Had a lovely time harping around yesterday & today! I wore the green ribbon wreath again, & was pleased that a couple of folks at the more formal Oregon Mutual (Ins) gig commented on what a nice touch that was!
One of the managers made the very common (but welcome) observation on what lovely background music the harp offers - "It was a nice undercurrent, & I noticed its absence when you stopped playing!" I'll go back Wed to offer lunchtime music in the lobby. Last year I was upstairs, by a railing, so you could hear the harp as you entered the building.

Today I was set up at the gallery & frame shop where I get my 8 x 5" mattboard for my SoulCollage card. There was lots of activity downtown, with carriage rides & many businesses offering holiday music, but not as much traffic in our block - boo! Some friends came down specifically to hear me, which was so sweet, & I met some new friends.

Then over to Hillside, where I was by the fireplace - not lit, but more festive than my usual corner - & folks seemed to talk less. I love 'wallpaper gigs' for the reason stated by the fellow yesterday - it isn't too loud to talk, & it adds such a nice touch. But it's also nice to have more of an audience, & some of the seniors get a bit upset when they can't hear me.
The refreshments were set up in another area, around the corner, by the Christmas tree. So folks down there hadn't heard me, & they asked me to bring the harp down. Finally, a fellow (visiting his mom from out of state) said "I want to dance with mom (90 something!) & I need music - how can I help you?" I had him carry my bench & music down, & played a bit longer! He danced with a dear friend (one of the spunkiest 86 year olds in town!) & moved his mom's wheel chair closer to me - she proceeded to 'dance' her feet, & talking to an unseen partner! So precious.

Santa said 'So we meet again! We've been doing this five years now - & you are doing the same thing I am, bringing people happiness!!
Wow! Jolly old elf & elvin harper . . .

Hoping the predicted snow holds off & I'm able to get out to the golf course Sunday afternoon! Monday's lunchen has been cancelled to avoid weather worries

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Alette Siri Ane said...

I would be a groupie if living closer.How wonderfull to hear the harp in places you wonder!Wish I were there !