Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Wed April 21 (are we moving into Taurus already??) I'll be playing harp at a late afternoon event at Hillside Retirement community! These background or 'wallpaper' gigs are some of my favorites - The most frequent comments are "We really missed the music when you stopped playing!" or "The music was PERFECT for visiting, offering a nice background, but not too loud!"

It's always fun to play there - & get fed - the Event Coordinator said a number of items should be gluten free - yea! A new consideration for times I 'play out.' If there are veggies, fruit & cheese, I'm a happy girl.

Santa was giving me a candy cane (at Hillside a couple of years ago) - he whispered that we had been doing this Holiday party for the residents in the extended care unit for ~ 5 years!