Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lovely Wedding!

Sunday afternoon Rowan & I graced a wedding at a B & B in Lafayette, one of the small towns just N of McMinnville. The house itself was built in 1872, & is on the National Register of Historic Places. We were outside, under sunny skies.

The bride & I made all our arrangements thru e-mails, including the recent decision to have me play for the reception in addition to the ceremony. It was a small, simple wedding, & harp was a wonderful choice for the venue & style.

Since the Kelty House is on Lafayette's main street, & there was pretty steady traffic, it was a plesant surprise to find the tall hedges combined with the harp music masked the traffic sounds! The weather was perfect, warmer than yesterday, but still quite pleasant, & the tall trees provided plenty of shade.

One of the nicest things about playing for a reception or other 'wallpaper' (background music) event is the sense of peace the harp brings to the participants. The most common comment today (in addition to the general 'I love harp music!') was that the music kept the conversations quieter, masked the traffic sounds, & fit the event perfectly!

Each 'garden room' was beautifully set up, & the event was seamless. Colours were green & brown, my dress matched the Mother of the Bride's in colour! I wore the wreath during the reception, & had a nice chat (after the cake cutting) about some of the delightful plants now available to Oregon gardeners - Tea Camellias & Olive tree, with a friend & a fellow involved in the Nursery business. Several of the local wineries have planted olive trees, & Red Ridge Farms has even put in an olive press, both for their use & for other growers.
Camellias grow well in our area, olives are just being tried here. I have a couple of each, such beautiful plants.