Friday, June 12, 2009

Sweet Market

I'm SOO glad I played at the Market this week, & not last, as unexpected 'weather' had everyone scrambling to pack up - wind, pouring rain & a 'river' flooding one of the alleys!

T'was nice & mild yesterday, & the musicians rate a sun umbrella, which marks the space & provides a nice shade. It's early in the season, but there were many visitors. The harp is such a fascinating instrument, drawing children & adults into a magical circle.

I brought my fairy dust, & sprinkled cheeks - one little girl put a doller (from her grandpa) into my basket, then asked "but, what do I get??" I said "the music" - had forgotten I'd brot a vial of fairy dust (ultra fine glitter) . . . so I pulled that out for later visits. It's fun to see eyes light up, & hear 'I've always loved the harp!'

I always enjoy playing at the market, tho it's a long 'wallpaper' (background music) gig - 1:30 - 6 PM Thursdays. I didn't play anything a second time! I use coloured tabs in my books, to mark the different keys, allowing me to play a number of pieces without having to flip levers. Each string has two settings, with a lever acting like a guitar's 'fret' - flip the lever & the string is a bit shorter, & a half step higher. I 'set' the strings with A, B & E tuned to the flat; so to get the key of C, flip 3 levers per octave.

Monday the 15th I'll play harp for a private retirement party, & Sun the 28th at Third Street Spriitual Center, for their Sunday Service. Jacqueline Mandell, a Tibetan Buddhist leader from Portland will be the speaker.

Come & give a listen!