Wednesday, March 14, 2012

St Patrick's Day at Bistro Maison

Are you craving a bit of the Irish this weekend? I'll be playing harp at Bistro Maison, a lovely French restaurant on 3rd Street in McMinnville "St Patrick's day is this Saturday. Come visit our many shades of Green & experience a new understanding of what proper corned beef is about. Thick slabs of Carlton Farm's Finest - 503-474-1888 for reservations"

I'll offer tunes from and about Ireland for both Lunch & Dinner this Saturday, March 17th.
a popular event, so make your reservations! This is a lovely setting with great food, & harp - what's not to like?
And for my Gluten Free Friends, this French Bistro prepares much of it's food 'naturally gluten free' by simmering the sauce down rather than adding flour to thicken - just let your server know your special dietary needs!

My harp, Rowan Luchair, is modeled on a lowhead Irish harp , in her luthier Rick Kemper's words: "Top players from Ireland & Scotland seem to prefer small harps with lighter tension that can respond to the blazing ornamentation they put into their music. Luchair (Gaelic for 'joy' or 'delight') incorporates the best features of these harps."

Do make a reservation, if you wish to come down & enjoy a fabulous meal & a bit of Celtic harp music!