Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wedding in a Barn!

One of the fun things about playing harp for weddings is the variety of settings we're invited into. I've played under an apple tree with two cellists, all of us in apple green dresses & barefoot; in wineries, in a rose garden, near Cozine Creek in a city park, close to the Metolious River (with the groom & his guys rowing downstream to the site) & today in the loft of a barn!

It's an OLD barn, so the loft wasn't that high, the ladder (for me) was roped to the beam (a log!) The pastor was TALL, so he easily handed the harp up over the edge of the loft, & we didn't have to try to get it up the ladder!! It's the first time I've worn Blue Jeans when I was playing for a wedding!

A few days ago, when the bride said she & her groom could carry the harp up the ladder, I began to get nervous . . . they thought they'd have a lift earlier, & were going to take the harp up on that - so I considered staying on the ground, lol!! But when I saw the loft, I felt a lot more comfortable. (& of course, the bride & groom were nowhere to be seen when I arrived!)

My dear friend Reita, attended, so we sat together for the reception. It's rather odd when I don't know anyone but the bride & groom (who are rather busy!) I often don't know anyone else at the reception, so it's a toss up whether to stay!

Reita is such a dear - we're in a book group together, & so enjoy each other. She reminds me a bit of my mom in her earlier years, & it's always fun to have a chance to visit. It was cold in the Barn - the bride wrapped up in a blanket for the reception (had a sleeveless gown!), & I was glad I wore a long sleeved shirt AND had my jacket!

May 4th is his grandparent's anniversary! There were yellow snapdragons on the table - the only flowers grandma found blooming for her May wedding in 1919! Their attendant carried a lovely spray of dogwood blossoms - cut on their country property.

What a fun day!