Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Harmony of Harps

Having studied piano with an excellent teacher as a child, I began playing harp in 1993., & felt an immediate connection with harps & harp music. Over the last 15 years, three harps ihave joined my 'Harmony.'

The first,
27 string 'Tuilleadh,' ('Tille') was built by Corvallis Luthier Dave Thormahlen, Her name comes from the Gaelic: "to give abundantly, in full measure." Her woods are Big leaf Maple, Black Walnut trim with a Sitka Spruce soundboard, & at 14#, she's easiy to play & lovely for use in nursing homes or for small events.

In January 2007, I wanted a bit more range, & added a 34 string Sligo harp, 'Rowan Luchair,' crafted by Rick Kemper in Maryland to my harmony of harps. Rowan is a round backed, Irish inspired harp made of Koa; the soundboard is spruce & cedar, faced with cherry veneer, & the strings fluorocarbon. Rick's name for this harp, 'Luchair,' is Gaelic for "Joy."
Koa, more familiar in ukuleles, is being discovered by luthiers around the country as an excellent harp wood. Folks loves Rowan's rich bass, & the lowhead style & modest weight (17#) makes her also portable!

My third harp, Bella Luna, came to me as the reward for fulfilling a Millenium Harp Quest. She arrived Feb 20, 2008, the day of a lunar eclipse! Her range is 26 strings, so though smaller than Tuille, she has a surprisingly large voice.

I began using Reiki 'hands on' & distant healing in 1989, & naturally integrated Reiki into my harp music. I have also studied Song Medicine with Eric Vormans, the Sunray Meditation Society, & musicians Laurie Riley, Ani Williams, & Tina Tourin.
With the music background, I find it natural to compose & arrange music for the harp.


CynthiaMarie said...

This is so interesting to me. I've always enjoyed listening to the harp. To you have CD recommends? I'm just learning the piano at 48 -- I can't believe I can still read musiic from my 6th grade attempt at playing the clarinet!
love & light

Jane-of-the-herbs said...

Hi Dia,

Hooray! A harp blog! I did a harpquest too, but have yet (after about 3 years) to write it up and 'claim' my title (Vashon Island Harper Of The Paper Crane). There's something to try to complete by the year's end ... if I can find my notes ;-). I didn't really complete Soul Coaching ... ah well! But I enjoyed participating in and out with it! Thanks for pointing me to your new blog. I'm hoping to revamp my whole website in the coming months, which will include a harp blog too ... we'll see. So many projects... - Graces, Jane