Wednesday, December 4, 2013

T'is the Season

I love playing for the holidays! The music is fun (I enjoy finding unusual arrangements & less familiar pieces) & folks are so appreciative. I will be playing both Saturday Dec 7 for the Carlton City Christmas Party, and Sunday the 8th at the Bayou Mansion, for the Soroptimist's 25th annual 'Holiday Home Tour.' The tour begins at noon, I'll play from 2-3:30. The silent auction items are at the Mansion, with bidding ending at 5, the Mansion open till 6. 

Ladyharp with Santa at Hillside (2007)

Later in the month, I'll go into my granddaughter's Third Grade classroom to play holiday music while the kids work on a craft project. I've been playing at the school for seven or eight years now - & am always pleased to see how many hands are raised when I ask 'who plays an instrument?'   

Holiday time is also good for 'wallpaper' gigs, background music while folks go about their business - shopping, going between their office & another, or passing through the lobby on their way to lunch.  

I enjoy being 'background' music, in a store, in the classroom, at a dinner or party. Folks can continue talking & going about their business, but when I stop playing, they miss that sweet accompaniment.

Happy Holidays, where ever you are!