Thursday, July 1, 2010

Turkey Rama 2010

The second weekend in July, McMinnville's oldest & largest community festival - Turkey Rama will celebrate it's 50th anniversary.

The McMinnville Downtown Association (DTA) & Chamber of Commerce are partnering to produce this year's event. The festival features arts and crafts, downtown merchants & other vendors, local community and non-profit groups, area businesses, music, a variety of entertainment for the whole family, & and an array of festival food.

With booths along the center of Third Street, the focus has shifted to promoting local businesses, artists & musicians. For the second year, I've been invited to play my harp in one of the Kiosks lining Third Street, & will perform Friday, July 9 from 11 AM - 1 PM The DTA Booth will have information on my location. On Saturday the 10th, our local Square Dance Club, Braids & Braves, will grace the Main Stage & do a demo from 11 - 12. (I'll be playing harp for a private wedding Sat, so will miss dancing with my friends.)

I hope you have a chance to come out & stroll the street, listen to some music, & enjoy this year's festival.

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Dia said...

I was at the same spot as last year - nice & SHADY. Several Red Hat friends stopped by - & talked to a couple of gals who were interested in harping themselves.
Stopped by 'Currents Gallery' across the street & got several handthrow pottery plates/ dishes by one of our premier local artists - Elaine Walzl! At '70s $ - 5-$15 !! She did this last year, brought a bunch of her old stock pottery for a booth in front of the Gallery.

& stopped by our ice cream shop, Serendippity, for lovely Mango Sorbet in a dish. There was a sweet French couple with two willowy daughters in simple dresses in line - also having theirs in dishes, & small servings - a la French Women Don't Get Fat!
Elaine told me that their adventure to France had come & gone - that since the switch to the Euro, prices have sky rocketed, so tho they had no lodging costs, their grocery bill in ONE month was ~ equal to SIX months here!
Farmer's market prices - with the exchange rate, were also out of sight, so they ended up eating lots of bread & pasta (her husband needs a "Meditranian Diet") . . . sad