Saturday, July 11, 2009

Who's on Third??

What a treat harping on the street! I borrowed my friend Dennis' Crate Taxi amp, & Rowan & I spent a couple of delightful hours playing tunes & sharing smiles.

Today I was pleased to find that the photo a News Register photographer (Marcus Larson) snapped yesterday made the FRONT PAGE of the paper!! (to see the photo & caption, scroll thru the photos at the top of the page, mine is the 3rd of 5)

This was our first year playing for the festival - I hope to play a couple of days for next year's event. A double bike trailer/stoller made transporting Rowan, the music & amp a joy (& no worries about parking!)


Sarah said...

Oh is that your harp - it's wonderful!!! Wow!! Congrats on the front page!!! How fun is that!!
Thank you for popping by my blog! There were so many Rowans with an A I went with Rowen.
I noticed you are a flower essenc. practitioner, I practice Reiki.
Blessings, Sarah

Tammy Stillwater said...

Nadya! That's awesome! Great coverage and a beautiful photo of you and your harp! You look so pretty with the flowers in your hair!